I first heard of Tulle, a small town in France, when I was a teenager & I was researching places I’d like to visit wandering solo one day. However, my relationship with tulle, the fabric, began much sooner on a stage in a canary yellow tulle skirt and corset with an alice band on my crown supporting a gold tinsel halo. I was standing there; dark skin contrasted against the yellow – a little tastemaker – an angel in a Christmas story reciting one line in a series of showings.

With wide eyes & full heart satisfied with the responsibility of delivering a line I was yet to fully understand my connection to the clothes that gave me the emotional support to perform to a room full of people.

Wild Yet Delicate

The appeal of tulle is it’s delicacy & wearing it is praise to the gifted hands that tamed it into a garment. Tulle is notoriously difficult to tame on the sewing table so pieces that are meticulously sewn & sit on the female frame like liquid are a real masterpiece worthy of women who pay attention to detail.


Associated with glamour, opulence & independence the colour black is already demanding of respect, in the form of carefully crafted tulle it yells what it already embodies & exudes romance.

Tulle, black or otherwise, is not a bad choice for spring at all & can be dressed up or down by the accessories you choose to pair it with. My personal favourites? Classic gold or trendy rosegold.

Photography: Bongeka Zimemo