Nona Zuri Stars in Finding Frankie

Finding Frankie is a South African short film about a young woman who uncovers a family secret while in search of herself. The movie stars Laura Kelly as Frankie, Dirk Jonker & Imke Du Toit as her parents and Nona Zuri as the beautiful and ambitious, media company owner, Naledi.

This role is special because it is the singer/actress’s first role in a short film. She was informed of the role and sent in her self tapes and later received the good news that the role was hers.

A month later Nona was on set and the rest is history. The production was carried out by final year students from Cape Town’s varsity college and Nona expressed her gratitude to have had the opportunity to work with them in particular for her first onscreen role. The team was organised and professional and she learned so much.

“I am looking forward to more projects like that. A special mention to Kyra Copley and Katia Nunes for bringing me on as Naledi and trusting me to deliver,” Nona said.

Finding Frankie was screened at Cape Town’s Labia Theatre on 10 November 2019.

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