October is Mental Health Awareness Month

Knowing all we know about the value of mental health, what does MIND & LEISURE have in store for such a crucial time on our South African calendar?

To kick off, Mind & Leisure will be presenting on mental health for the whole of October. With every serious issue that has become a clout buzzword on social media, the media that desensitises us to the realities and the diversity of mental health issues and how they occur differently from person to person to understanding that so often, the people living with mental health issues are the ones who are the most vulnerable, they are not the threat to society we often see depicted on the screen or in other forms of leisurely entertainment but rather, they are often the victims of abuse, neglect and are often taken advantage of.

Besides treatment in the form of medication, certain lifestyles promote a healthy balance in our brain’s chemical distribution and certain activities activate certain chemicals which control different aspects of our emotions & behaviour. So when we talk about mental health talking about institutionalised threats to peace of mind is necessary too. Talking about environments that are pro mental health and environments that are anti is pivotal in having honest dialogue and forming sustainable solutions while being open to the ways of others that do not necessarily constitute a part of western, capitalist ideals.

For Africans in particular, South Africans to be more precise, questioning environment cannot be ignored and working on sustainable solutions to ensure restoration of identity, awareness of self and community and sense of belonging through equality can’t be ignored as a part of prioritising mental health.

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Have a happy and informative month of October.

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