Century City, Cape Town

Ever heard the great saying:
I’m sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come?
Me… To society, actually.
Let me elaborate.

Growing up, I was notorious for being tardy, so much so it often overshadowed everything else I did do in a socially acceptable way. However that’s not where it started for me.
I was also late to my first social circle, my family. Born a good nine years later than my sister and with extra assistance from the doctors because I really didn’t want to come out.
Ironically, my relationship with society seems to still move that way with me retreating often and refusing to participate until I don’t have a choice from time to time.

Physically I gained height pretty early and everything else, yeah you guessed it, late.
I remember the comparison of pre teen breasts  with other preteens like yesterday. Odd time that, I shudder to remember it. Everyone was just awkward isn’t it?

Though I was great at academia, it took me a while to understand relationships, to understand the value of being self accepting and so forth.
Basically, I was always late to the social party and each stage of my coming of age deserves its own chapter because looking back I can’t cringe and groan enough, I don’t think it’s physically possible.
To make up for my lack of interest in being here I turned to art and literature and before I knew it I was singing and writing and doing speech competitions and all of that made being here sensible. My passion for life was in fact a passion for creating.

In the same fashion of le resistance, I forged my own path in terms of career often clashing with people who thought they knew what was best for me. I thought this was a vice until I learned that a lot of my heroes in fashion sincerely put their foot down and often even at the beginning of their careers.

As a result my head strong nature has given me both the best and not so best of life. Overarching though, I can say it’s been the best because it’s clear to me the only way I will give society a chance is if it’s giving me quality.
Quality people, quality relationships, quality money & quality everything else.
I said, if I’m going to be here then we’re going to take our time, ensure leisure by all means  and ensure quality and longevity.

So yes, I arrived late and though I am now always on time to events it was falling in love with life and showing up where I wanted to be that made that possible.

And no matter my time of arrival, I’ve learned to make sure I savour the destination.

Good days ahead of you, always.