Say My Age

One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything.

Oscar Wilde

Firstly, Oscar, you’re dramatic & secondly, people are dying. Thirdly, openness about your journey isn’t a sign of being untrustworthy & fourthly, was it the drugs? No, it must’ve been the misogyny. Nobody needed that, O.

The same way we celebrate brands that make it through year after year of changes, trials and successes, a woman should feel no shame in being open about growing. Growing means you’re still here, you’re still experiencing life, you’re still in the game and to me that’s an achievement and I will absolutely not hide how many years I’ve tallied on this planet. I’m a finesser of life & you’re going to know about it.

I know what my industry illustrates about women growing like we don’t have a place in sensuality & fun nights & questionable choices that make good stories anymore. And sure, mounting responsibilities and skills in self preservation make it quite senseless to be careless but even so there’s a girl in all of us who is ever learning and ever evolving. Because life should be lived not performed, I think it would be beneficial for this trillion dollar industry to reflect that.

As someone who started her fashion career at 28 and is now 32, I hear the message loud and clear with a lot of my castings being for roles that often involve children or homemaking which is laughable because


and b) I’m a South African millennial working in a creative industry making it through an economy obliterated by some people who didn’t get the memo that the children are the future.

Somebody please tell Steve in the marketing department that the market doesn’t relate. Please.

It’s been years of solo dates and solo travels, successes and losses, documenting my moments and my joys and my fears. Laughing when things aren’t going according to plan and being okay with imperfection whilst perfecting the things I’m good at. Lots of unlearning and lots of learning and I’m still learning. Growing older has been one of the most life changing things to happen for me and I know it’s the same for many other women so it’s something I’m openly thankful for.

My special day went a little like this…

Say my age because I will say it in every room and every place since it’s a reminder that I’m still here after all this time, full of the will to live and energy to keep going. People evolve & time ensures we get the chance to make the most of that evolution, it’s one of the most beautiful things you can have & I’ma flex it.

Grateful for every year I get to spend here. Hopeful for many more.

Good days ahead of you always,