Nona Zuri is familiar to us through her past as a model and the actress filling in the role of Naledi in the short film, Finding Frankie (2019) but where has the South African performing artist, writer and philanthropist been?

Passionate about her work with people and psychology to assist with making beneficial choices, Nona has began a new media project named Mind and Leisure where she engages with her audience in a sit down video format and invites them to prioritise their well-being, make positive choices and overall, strategically enjoy their lives through leisure which is not just fun and relaxation but fun and relaxation that also heals us.

In the study of social psychology, Leisure is identified as having neurological benefits for those who partake in it.

“Leisure isn’t about how much money you spend, but rather how often you operate from a place of kindness towards yourself,” Nona said, “I like to think of it that way”.

When asked what you can expect from the production she said,

“Well, mostly lifestyle content because it’s about working that leisure into everyday life, empowering the viewers with tools but also reminding them to breathe and introducing them to hacks and tech that can assist them in making beneficial choices for a lighter life.”

When asked about any future film or writing projects the creative simply shrugged and said,

“I will let you know when I know,”

And we are not mad at that.

Mind and Lesiure With Nona Zuri is live on her Youtube page, Nona Zuri.